December 10 – December 16 1854

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Dec 1854

Su 10          I baught an ax & handle pd
3$ whiskey 50 cts &c my less
on 10th chapt Mathew —

Mo 11         all six of us was at work
on the ditch covering it to
keep it from being fills
up with snow & baking
the Levy as was done last year
John is 20 years old to Day &
John Lloyd 50

Tu 12          the knights are quite cold
so mutch so, the water is frozen
considerable in the ditch, where
it is covrd, it dose not freeze

We 13         still putting Brush over the
ditch the kts cold & days warm
the yellow sacketts are flying
about at noon, the wind dose
not blow the least bit, only in
clowding up for rain or snow

Th 14          we finshd covering the

six men at work on the ditch 4 days each.

Dec 54

ditch with Brush, Delightfull
sun shine verry pleasant to work

Fr 15           I & Lawrence was cleaning
out the ditch till noon of
rocks & the other four was
setting up the boxes & hose &
cutting down some small trees
& brush off the diggins, after
dinner 4 of us got gold 44$
the sun shines warm & pleasant
25 cts for paper tax —

Sat 16        I shaw Lloyd & Levi Lawrence
geatherd up six picks & each
one of them thier gum boots & I
took Johns 4 pair in all over to
Betsey Town had them half sotd
with leather, cost 2 1/2$ for stea
ling & sharpning, I met a woman
in company with a man dressd
in mens cloths & riding straddel
she is quite common stock.

2 men 1 day each work on ditch 2 one 1/2 day each on ditch

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