December 13 – December 26 1853

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Dec 1853

Tu 13           Got gold today $5.00

We 14             ”       ”          ”     $5.00 some cool.

Th 15              ”       ”          ”     1$ quite cool.

Fr 16           Froze up the water in the ditch.

Sat 17         Still cold of mights & mornings no
water to wash with. All hands
a prospecting but me. I am making
pick handles. Washd out the square
box at the spring. Got gold $, the
men in the other cabin had a big
fuss among them selves, whiskey

Su 18          is the cause. Not settled yet. John
Dobson came over to my cabin
& brought his provisions.

Mo 19         Nothing done. All in confution,

Tu 20          Snowd all night & today 1 ft deep.

We 21         Cant work water is froze up.

Th 22          Beautifull weather over head
the snow is settled down some.

Dec 1853

Fr 23           Dobson & I went down to the point. No
letters yet for me. What
can the matter be. I paid Thompson
$75.00 & we got 8$ 75 cts worth of fresh
meet & little notions for a christmas
dinner. I got a new res flannel shirt.

Sat 24         Dobson & John set to & made
a lot of mince pies for a start.

Su 25          Up before day as usual & caught
the boys in a Christmas gift all right.
I halld on my red shirt. Eat
breckfast & then the Johns to making pea
ch pies & plum puddings. For dinner
all to our three selves. It snowd on
Friday night & Saturday six inches
deep on the top of what was on the ground.

Mo 26         Quite cool today. We cannot work
our ditch is froze dry. We were all day
sewing. I lind my casinetts pants

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