December 15 – December 24 1857

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Dec 57

Tu 15          I, Trewitt & maston went out
& set it on fire. John & Dick
was balling ton hay for Ray
got 9 1/2$ for it. p.m. John came
out brot us some dinner I went
in they came in at bed time.

We 16         raind a little last kt. John
& Trewit was out to see after the
tar. maston has an interest in
it allso. I plaid some chess.

Th 17          John took 1/2 bbl krought to
Ill Ranch they to pack it over
to Rocky Bar to Kyler & Co. John
went by Judkins mill & brot
home the flour of 2219 tts wheat
wheight 1434 tts flour bran 393”
shorts 303”—in all 2130” loss 89tts
I got quite drunk. My spirits is

all the time verry
mutch depend

Fr 18            it is clear & sunny to day the
first for some days. I feel quite
out of sorts John & Carter has
been weighing the flour && putting
it a way. they are now out
driving their horses in Dueslers


Dec 57

Sat 19         I am at a loss to know what
I done but I know cant say
sqr Reese came & staid all kt.

Su 20          after Breckfast he left & I as
usual was playing at chess

Mo 21          carter & John was fixing a
new tong in the wagon, I am
at a loss to know what to get at

Tu 22           carter & John still potering at
the waggon. John & Dick ha
lld some wood for Maston to ma
ke a cole pit, poor miserable man
that I am. My hands is tide &
I am in debt & cant pay duns
on all sides & naught to pay.

We 23         the waggon is finishing will be
done to kt. we carried 312tts. wheat to
the Brewery for the Jews at 6 cts. tt John
halld some hay to Harper & bran,
we let Maston have 111ts old Iron & halld
him 6 cords wood at 9$

Th 24          preparation for a ball to kt. at Quin
cy house. John got a new coat of Jews
at 14$. I am still in trouble got a

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