December 16 – December 19 1854

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Dec 54

another woman left her husband
on of the proprietors of U.S. hotell
in Betsy Town gone with he love
this took place some 3 weeks ago
my dinner & supper 2$ & Lodging

Su 17          after Breckfast 1$ we sta
rted for hom & arivd at 1
o clock took idnner & went
down to the point the county
clerk had made out the paper
again on the right kind of paper
my suit with Vaughn I
sent them by Everetts express to
Marysville to Row & Haun &c
cost 50 cts my lesson math XXI

Mo 18         four of us went to work at
our diggins. Levi & Lloyd at their
place the water soon run out
of the reservoy on account of it
being checkd up by the cold &

Dec 54

no rain or snow to rais the breck
the kts cold & freeze the water &
days dry & pleasant. we had
to stop work till noon we then
had water till kt & made 28$
Levi & Lloyd dose not weigh their
gold till close of the week &c

Tu 19           we was as usual ready for work
by times but no water to work
with. shaw Lloyd & Lawrence went
up the ditch to the bar trap & took
out what is calld a cat1 his front
is grey & the kinder part of his bo
dy grows gradually black & his
long bushy tail allso his legs &
feet his head eyes years & feet are
in resen blance of a bar. They
lassode him in the trap & chokd
him till quite ded. Then tide
him before he came too again
we got some coars wire & maid
a chain. I paid off cook for

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  1. Likely a Fisher cat or wolverine.