December 18 – December 22 1855

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Dec 55

Tu 18          John got home about
sun set with the certificates
of the clerk & judge.

We 19         Clowded up last kt, the
wind blowing from the south
raining & snowing a little to
say. I Rains went up the pike
Ditch to see what had become
of the water the levy was
brok in many places, the
water running out, we
mended it up all most a
pipe head, we did intend
to go over to Rabbit Creek after
wife & Liz to day if the weather would
have permitted. It is now
bed time & raining considerably.
John pd 2$ for the clerks cer
tificate of release, & 8$ to Duesler.

Th 20          Breckfast over & consulta
tion had I, John & Dave put
on our snow shoes & carried

Dec 55

a paid for wife & pair for city
allso a pair of my best pants
for wife to put on, we took din
ner at Gibson ville 3$ for us three
& then to Rabbit creek about sun
set, the day was clowdy at inter
I recvd a letter1 from wife on the
road written the day before, stating
that she wanted us to come after her

Letter from wife

Fr 21            it commensd snowing early
last kt & kept it up all day, we
went to a dance last kt, I gave
Dave 1 1/2$

Sat 22         snowd all of last kt but cleared
up this morning, I maild three let
ters 3/4$ one of them to DH Smith
containing a release Deed from John
as my security as Gardian for John
I pd bill at Rabbit hows for 90 me
als 62$ then filld a carept sack
flour sack & basket off we started
on foot I John Dave wife Liz &
a man by name smith, wading
through the snow, wife gave out
at the mountain spring house

Letter to H H Smith

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  1. This letter has been preserved and his available here.