December 19 – December 21 1854

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Dec 54

12 days work 24$ i went down
to the point with him I returnd
at noon after Dinner I & John
cut & splet some wood as none
of the company workd in the

We 20         after Breckfast. I John
Lloyd shaw & Lawrence and
two other men that is prospe
cting near our cabins all con
cluded to go down to rich bar &
cross over feather River & up wi
nters creek. we tide up some
breat & meat in a hankerchief
to eat. we went right over
slate mountain, verry difficult
to get down had to hold on to
the rocks & bushes. we went up
winters creek & was at the place
where crystalized quarts has been
got I pickd up a piece & took it to
my cabin

Dec 1854

we spent the day in climbing
over the mountains & ravines &
Lloyd went up the river to the
point & got a letter for himself
& one for John of date Oct 25
541 from his ma. she said a gre
at deal about our coming home
in the spring & a conversation
she had with littiss. allo one
letter for me from wife of date
Nov 13th 542 giving an account of
her unhappy situation being
seperated from us & wants us
to come home in the spring any
how &c. well we have not workd
any to day on account of the wa
ter being froze up. The kts cold
but the days is so delightfull

Th 21          cold kts & pleasant days
the first thing we done was
to plage our pet untill he broke
the chain & none of us could

receivd two letters from wife —

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  1. Not included in this collection.
  2. Martha Haun’s letter of November 13 1854 has been preserved and is available here.