December 2 – December 10 1856

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Dec 56

four of us started for the sad
dle train that goes out at 2 p.
m. din for two 2$ & ride
to Marysville 20$ I & John

We 3            We are at the Columbus
house at strawberry vally
cold last kt. the trail is
verry slipry, supper & lodging
3$.. We are of at 1/2 past
4 in the morning on the mu
les took Breckfast at N.y.
house cost 2$ then got in
the stage for Mville the
snow is all off the ground
here arrivd in M ville before kt.

Th 4             supper & Beckfast for I
& John 2$ lodging free as
we slepd in the stable on
hay, we walked out to H.P.
in time for dinner &c. alls
well & has 6 teams ploughing.

Dec 56

Fr 5              I pd 1/4$ ferriage on yester
day I sent verbal word
by a teamster to Bub to co
me down & see me & put in
my time running hares &c.

Sat 6           We are walking about
on the ranches & taking ease

Su 7             I am really at a loss to kn
ow how I spent the day

Mo 8            I was at work making the
Grind stone round
again in the after noon
Bub came but did not br
ring me any money not as I ex

Tu 9             we went up to the upper
ranch about noon Bub
left us for home & is to send
me money on saturday next
if he can get it —

We 10         raind last kt & to day so
that all hands knock off
from work

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