December 26 1853 – January 1 1854

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Dec. 1853

out side in frount with cotton &
put a big patch on the seat of the same
& coverd the bottom of my socks with cotton
& made me a pair of ittons out of Johns
Blue pants of the legs.

Tues 27      Quite pleasant today & warm. We
three went prospecting did not get down.

We 28         We went a prospecting & did not as mutch
as get the coulor. Warm & clowdy com
mend snowing this evening.

Th 29         Continues our prospect of Tuesday.

Fr. 30          Sunk a hole on the creek back
of the cabin bed rock pitching

Sat. 31       washd several pans got better
as we went up hill. We kno
ckd off before knight eat dinner
& John washd 3 shirts & 3 pair socks
for him & me. Weve has nothing
to do with the men in the other

cabin since the fuss. One
of them told me that they we
re building a cabin up Nelson
Creek and were going to move
their provisions as soon as they could.
I suppose we will have these diggings
al to our three selves.

Sunday Jan. 1st 1854

I finished my 7th letter of near too
sheets to send my wife. I went
sown to the point to mail it, but
to my great surprise, I receivd
one of three sheets full up tp
the brim of date Oct 29th 1853.1

Also one to John of 1 1/2 sheets of date
Nov 14th 532. Johns giving an account
of the death of m, Lemon & Masher
& mine an account of having gone

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  1. Not included in this collection.
  2. Not included in this collection.