December 3 – December 6 1854

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Dec 54

so we two went home with
the judge at Dark, cowdy

Su 3             raind all day. Bowen
askd me to lone him 1000$ at
3 per cent a month & he would
make me safe by mortgage
I agreed to send it down as
soon as practible we staid
all day at Judges —

Mon 4         Bowen started home
I & the Judge went to town
& then to the post office I got two
letters one from wife date
oct 18th 541 giving an account
of old Ben fords death & the
reception of a bill of exchange
for 200$ & her determination to
remain in Ky for the present
& one from Lizzy of date 25
Oct2 & says she wants us to come
home in the spring if we could

got 2 letters

Dec 54

I staid in town all day after
dinner Jack came in he did
not know me at first conve
rstion I went out with the
Judge at dark &c —

Tu 5             Jack came out be fore breck
fast, I & Judge went to town
he on the hunt of Beef cattle
& I to getting 2 gum coats white
-16$ & two pair of gum overalls
6$ one cover to hat 1$ two red
flannell shirts 3 1/2$ four pair
socks 2$ one pair gum boots
7$ & five fiddle strings
& pair tweesers 1 1/4$ & I left Row
30$ to pay the entrence few of
suit to the clerk of the supreme
court for grapes 25cts I slepd
in the stable was quite sick
all kt,

We 6            paid 10$ to Ride up the

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  1. Martha Haun’s letter of October 181 854 has been preserved and is available here.
  2. Lizzie Hurst’s letter of October 25 1854 has been preserved and is available here.