December 30 1855 – January 3 1856

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Dec 55

Su 30          I read the last two chapts of
forst corinthians. I wrote a letter
to H.O.P. the days & kts are verry cold
our water ditches frozen dry.

Mo 31          Still cold & clear. John went
down to the point on yesterday &
got a cross cut saw, today we saw
blocks & laid the foundation of
a new cabin. I had two sledges
to mend as they bear up the log
and our selves the team, wife
& Liz were washing our deeds
and dose the cooking.

January 1856

Tu 1             Clear & cold last kt & today
John is about the cabin with a
bad cold. I, Dave, Rains, & Thults
are putting up the cabin. Rains &
Shults hall the logs & I & Dave
Knotch & hew them down. I think
it a little romantic to be fixing
up cabins as if we expected to
have diggins to last here while
we staid in calafornia, or
wishd to stay in this country.

January 1856

We 2            Clear & cold last kt. but a
littler warmer to day. I did not
put my coat on today as I kept
at work knotching & hewing & some
times helping hall logs, John
went down to the point, got Liz
a pair of shoes price 2$ & some
other things for his ma. I
took out of my trunk two, out
four towels that wife had me
to bring from home, they had
not been usd until New Years.

Th 3             Clear & cold kt & day it was
some cooler to day than yester
day, we’ve got two ridge poles
on the door sawd out & the rest
of the timber halld that we want
except the boards to cover in, the
new cabin, we have a greater va
riety to eat since wife has come
to our cabins, we are all set
ting around a good fire in my
cabin except Dave he is in the
other one, John plying the fiddle.

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