December 30 – January 1 1855

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Dec 54

Lawrence & charles went over
to the a.m. vally after his
Blankets & other fixtures got
back a little after Dark

Sun 31        warm & clowdy & sno
wing commensd before day
some time after Breckfast
I John & Lawrance went up
Ditch to look after the water
it was making its way down
slowly, while up there it com
mensd raining & left off snow
ing after returning we took di
ner & supper at the same time,
Lloyd went down to the point &
has not returnd, it continued to
rain all day & late at kt with thu
nder my lesson the first chap
of St Luke I read four chapt
& did some mending to my
old duds &c

January 1855

Mo 1rst      before day the snow is
falling in large lumps off the
trus on my cabin roof & making
the boards fairly crack as it is ra
ining again & wind blowing
& trees falling, after Breckfast. Thu
nder & lightning. I started John
& charles up the ditch they found
three large trees had fallen a cross
the ditch & the brush had stopd
the water some when opend, it
came down with a rush. I & Law
rance went out to the diggins, whi
le out there it changd to snowing
again & continued all day. after
dinner John went up the ditch to
cut some limbs out of the way
I & Lawrence went out to the diggins
to see after the water but it had de
creasd verry mutch we went up the
ditch & found the now had chokd
it up we threw it out again &c

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