December 4 – December 12 1853

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Dec 1853

Su 4             self. I sat down before the fire an
hour & thought are we so fare apart.
I some times thin that you are
on your way from Marysville up in
these mountains. Whu do I keep thin
king so. O, foolish thoughs. John
went down to the point & maild a letter
to his ma. I read the testament of late
a goodeal. I scearcely see a newspaper.

Mo 5            Clowdy got gold today $23.00

Tu 6             Clear & pleasant. Gold today 11.00

We 7            I went over to the American
Vally to prospect & staid until
Sunday the 11. I started home I
& John ment on the road so we came
to our cabin. I did not succeed in
findin a good prospect. It was
quite foggy at the vally & rainy.
They got no gold today—-

Th 8             Got gold today $1.00.

Dec 53

Fr 9              Got gold today 9.00$ raind
this evening & changd to snowing

Sat 10         off & on all day, no work done.
Su 11          Fine day no snow in the vally
but the mountains around is coverd
even the green trees is made white.

Mo 12         The coldest night weve had last
night. Was clowdy all day. Seven
of us got gold today 12 1/2 $ but 3
of the 7 is sinking a hole & was at
it, all last week. It is 20 ft deep 5 ft
dirt on top the rest is through rotten
tound boulders and rock. The water comes
in quite fast, but we want to see the
bed rock & see if there aint gold there.
Johns birthday Sund. 11. We had noth
ing extra on the occation.
Snow six inches deep. Tu morning

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