December 5 – December 9 1855

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Dec 55

We 5          Raining. I , Jack, Dave, Deri
ck & two hired men went up
to the upper ranch & moovd
a house out of the field near the
road side. Rind off 7 on all day.

Th 6             Raining still. I Jack
went to town to see after getting
up in the mountains again &
came to the conclution to go in
town in the morning. Whiskey 3/4$
medicine for John 3$. Went
to H.P. at 4 P.M.

Fr 7              Raining & fowl weather. The
mountains are coverd with
snow looks rather gloomy
with snow at a distance.
Dave Liz wife & me got ready
& H.P. took us to town A.M. stopd
at the western House paid 1 1/2$
drayage1 on trunk from boat.
Do on 3 trunks to western house
1/2$ pd by Dave, Freight on 3 trunks
to M ville 103$ Money sent to

Dec 55

Fr 7              H. Rankin 283$ for John Pratt
& 60$ to san Francisco borrowd
money of S.S. Burkley & others
& exchange11 1/2 Dolls. Gumcoat &
boots for Dave 14$, 2 gum coats $15
boots for wife & Liz 7$, stage fair
to Rabbit Creek 40$ & freight on
3 coverd trunks to Rabbit Creek
30$ tavern bill 10$ tobacco 1/2$ fiddle
string 3/4$.

Sat 8           Partially clear last kt & clowdy
this morning, we set out for the
mountains. Breckfast at Peoria
house 4# & then the stage stopd
at the Oregon house at noon we
did not dine. P.M. raining a little.
We got to the New York House. Stage
stopd here will up no farther. Con
siderable snow here.

Su 9            Raind all kt here. The saddle
train & about 1 doz passengers star
ted for Rabbit Creek early, we
had to by over on account of Ladies

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  1. Refers to shipping costs.