December 9 – December 13 1855

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Dec 55

Su 9             saddles. 9 o clk A.M. the sun is
shining out bright & warm & con
tinued till noon.

Mo 10         Clowdy this morning. We had
breckfast early, out board here
was 20$ fo all four. We moun
ted our mules & put one of the
trunks on a mule & left the oth
er three, and started for Rabb
it Creek. We got along verry
well. Commensd raining about
noon & then snowing the rest
of the day, & made Rabit Creek
just before dark, all wet & cold.

Tu 11          Cleard off in kt & was
frosty in the morning the sn
ow here is 3 1/2 deep & is settled do
wn all most to bear a man. The
sun shone out bright & warm
all day. We all stopd for the day.

We 12         Quite clear the wind from the
north. At 10 oclock I & dave sta
rted for Gibsonville & left wife
& Lizzy at the Rabbit Creek house

Dec 55

to board at the rate of 14$ a piece
per week.1 We arrived on foot at
Gibsonville at 1 P.M. the sun shone
warm & pleasant all day.

Th 13          Clowdy this morning. We had
made a pair of snow shoes a piece
& paying out bill for three meals
& loging each, 6$ at the mount
ain cottage we started for Nel
son point. We had gotten about
one mile & had to return. I forgot
my revolver, besides we could
not keep our snow shoes on.
We again started after 10 A.M.
& with mutch difficulty & tying
we got out shoes to stay on. By
this time the snow begin to fall
& the wind to blow. We got to Onion
Vally after noon, waited 1 1/2 hours
for dinner 2$. Still snowing a
little we tide on out shoes & again
started, the wind blowing a perfect
gale. The snow drifted & light.
We arrivd at the point after sun
set quite fatigued & the skin
rubd off our feet in severall
places, but went on home.

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  1. “When on the way inland from the coast, the Haun party snowed in at Buckeye for three weeks. After the storm was over, the party continued the journey, Mr Haun hauling his mother on a hand sled.” (From the records of the Plumas County Museum.)