Enclosed Note

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found pa about live 42nd
birthday June 23 1853 in a
[torn] camp tucked in the
Middle fork of the Feather
River just above the mouth
of Nelson Creek.
On the of May date G. letter
arrived on Nelson Creek July 13 1853
Sep 1st 1853 married 1831

March 8 closed deal.

Grandpa closed the deal for the American
Valley ranch

Agreed to take the ranch March 5 1856
Closed the deal —
March 12 & 13th measuring the filome of
ground on ranch
Isaac and Tom Jennings brother bought
from —
Amt due grandpa in mortgage $3686
he agreed to pay $2000 more

How much does a bolt of the natural cream
silk cost?

Must all the shirts be made for the one man,
Could different sizes be made up and could
I have some for slips?

Do they make shirts in other colours or
stripes, if so at what price?

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