February 13 – February 18 1855

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Feb 55

& got gold 8$ after noon the
were setting boxes & fixing
on the hose that I mended last

We 14         I John & shaw was mining
to day washing down new
dirt with hose & pipe. we took
out 118$ one piece weighing 53 &
one 24 & one 22 1/2$ the ballance was
small dust, clowdy or hazy
commensd to rain after ark

Th 15          did not rain mutch last kt
some cowdy & foggy this mo
rning & turnd out a beautifull
warm sunny day, we was
piping away when the hose
split not the thread but the
cloth for the first time it took
me the evening to put on a patch
we got gold 32 1/2$ if the hose
did rip —

Feb 1855

Fr 16            fine weather to day is the
first that we have had for months
past to work all day with the
pipe 7 hose, and a good head
of water & nothing to brake
we took out 131 1/2 one piece
weighing 5 1/4 oz or 84$ as we
count Lloyd came hom to
day with Delerium tremens

Sat 17         cool & clear we fixed to
clean up bed rock & got gold
-143$ this is what makes my
time pass off mutch easier &
faster than I want it

Sun 18        cold this morning I made
three Hungarian Riffles for
Lawrace & made a level, after
dinner I ewnt down to the poi
nt maild a letter for John 25
cts to Pauline Haun & got 3 box
matches 25 cts & Hired I shults
to fill Lloyds place —

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