February 15 – February 23 1854

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Feb 1854

We 15          Cold last knight, but pleasant
today sun shine in the fore noon
but clowdy in the after & snowd a little.
We got gold 24 12$. We had flap jacks
for dinner as bred was scarce.

Th 16          Snowd some last kt. Sun shone
but dim hazy & clowdy. To day we
got gold $16. My shoulders & elbows
ache & my hands are roughf & crackd.

Fr 17           Fine day the wind is North of east.
Got gold 23 1/2$ we think weve fou
nd diffins that will last for months.

Sat 18         Fine & warm day we cleand off
the trees & bushes for ground sloosing.
We cut a ditch & got the water running
through, we cleand out the pattern riffle
box & got gold 2 1/2$. I saw a large flock
of wild geese goin north what dose it mean.

Feb 1854

I sent John down to the point to
have my pick sharpd & see if there
was any letters. I took 5 pills made
by Barlows recpt last kt. As I am
out of sorts rather bilious.

Mo 20         Clowdy mostley with a little snow.
Wild geese & ducks going north. I took
four more pills on going to bed last kt.
& felt rather bad all day but worked all
day at ground sloosing. The bank cav
d in & smashd one of out boxes badley.
We found it so when we wnt to work this morning.

Tu 21           Snod a little last kt & all day to
day but melted as it fell. We were
ground sloosing but fixd out boxes
in the ager noon for catching gold.
We savd some but did not weigh it.

We 22         Snowd las kn & is falling fast this
morning but melts almost as fast as it
falls. We did not work. I patchd
my knew red shirt with some of
the old one. It snowd hard all day

Th 23          & kt following & was at it this
morning hard. For a while cleard
off nice & warm snow is knee deep again

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