February 17 – February 26 1858

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Feb 58

We 17         continues to rain in
the vally & snow on mont

Th 18          an interition of fall
ing weather. Hogan got
back to day with horse

Fr 19           still falling weather
Maston got 55 tbs. wheat
John & Jack halld load wood

Sat 20         last some of my plank
fence blew down last kt
back of town still raining

Su 21         still raining Ive spent
1/2$ for billiards & 1/2$ for
something else

Mo 22         cleard up this evening
a dance at betsytown to kt
the frogs has been singing
in the vally since the mid
dlw of last week, it looks
verry mutch spring in vally

Feb 58

Tu 23          fine day I took some
pills this morning eat but
little to day some tea & toast
at supper Carter got up with
mail & wife recvd a letter
from H Rankin of G. town
Ky giving some information
of hard times & scearcity of
provisions & the necessity of
doing something with our

We 24         it is beautifull sunny
day & the kts not verry cold
has all the appearance of sp
ring the Frogs singing at
evening & the hens cackling

Th 25          I had a settlement with Ju
dkins fell in debt 40$
for whitch I gave my note
I gave 1/2$ for candles last kt
John & carter halld some lu
mber from Mill for Poerter

Fr 26           I took some blue Mass
last kt don’t feell well this

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