February 18 – February 22 1855

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Feb 1855

Su 18          as I do not in tend to have
anything to do with a drunk
ard, than I can posibly help –
we had a settlement with Law
rance, he took out 67 1/2$ in the
last 14 days – we had to pay him 20$
out of it for last time, we then
got 24$ out of it to devide in
four shears it has been warm
& pleasant to Day. My lesson
third chapt Hebrews —
i had to patch my hickrey shirt
the right sleeve, before i went to be

Mo 19         cool this morning & continued
to freeze all day, clowdy wind from
North some little snow fell we
cleand up bed rock & got gold 27 1/2$
James Shults came up & workd
in Lloyds place with Lawrance. I am
to give him 75$ per month. Law
rance mended my boots to kt —

Feb 55

I paid shively the cunstable
3$ for going down with me to
winters creek to serve a process
& attachment & summon witness
but Henry Gottshald was gone

Tu 20          cold Last kt, froze up the
water so that we could not
work. I John shaw & Law
rance took five picks to the
vally had 3 sharpd 1 1/2$ & 2 steeld
3$ Three meals & lodging at
Betsy town each 3$ for me &
John 6$ we then took dinner

We 21         at American Ranch 1$ each
for I & john & them came
home before sun down, it is
cool weather, froze considerable
last kt our water ditch is still
froze up no water to work with

Th 22          I dreamd last kt that wife
was with me that John Hurst
& his son Albert had come to

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