February 18 – February 24 1857

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Feb 57

We 18         cold & freezing last kt.
the sun was hid. a.m. &
p.m. comensd snowing quite
fast. I & Moore halld Duesler
3 long logs for wood in fore
noon the after Mrs Duesler
1 load of hay at 40$ per load

Th 19          considerable snow fell last
kt. some cloudy today.
nothing doing. I bought a
pair of old gum boots of Haden
paid him in cabbage & potatoes
in amt 2 1/2$. I sharpd a cross
cut saw I C Lewis at 2$ on cr.

Fr 20           some cloudy last kt & a
verry little fine snow is fa
lling this morning we did
nothing to day but sit around

Sat 21        not cold this morning. I &
moore was halling manure
all day from Woodwards stable

Feb 57

on ground that I expect to sew
in wheat. We got 50 tbs of oats
of Woodward for chicken feed
on thursday last 5 tbs butter of
Mrs. Dueslar & f 5 tbs. shoot for Dr

Su 22          clear cold & frosty last kt.
but the sun is shining out war
m this morning and continued
verry warm all day —-

Mo 23         some frosty last kt. I &
Moore to halling out manure
finishd all at two stables. P.
M. we halld 1 load of hay to
sqr starked at 40$ warm.

Tu 24

          snowd last kt. up on the
hills near by.. no new snow
in the valley of account has
the appearance of continuing
I went over to Nelson creek
in compy with Willman &
Hundley. it raind on us all
the way. took dinner with
F Fox at one p.m.

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