February 2 – February 6 1854

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Feb 1854

Th 2            Up this morning early & darnd
a hole in the heel of my old grey sock.
We go in our shirt sleeves all day
we have a good head of water to
wash off the top snow & we roll up our
sleeves get in to it all day.

Fr 3              Last night three lyons pafst
in 200 yards of out cabin betw
een it & our work & then late
this evening a 4th one came on
the track of the three before we
came home from work. Some
clowdy this evening our work
is the sourse ground sloosing.

Sat 4           Raind moderate today. We
set up our boxes after digging
them up put of the snow. It is
knee deep & hard enough to bare
in places. Well if this aint cold
work on hands. I will say no
moore. We quit for the day after

Feb 54

getting up the boxed & being
wet all over frm rain & working
in it & being quite late for din
ner. After dinner I changed my
duds for the dry ones & went down
to the point & got a letter of date 281
Nov for John & one for I date 29
Nov2 it mostly says don’t be discouraged.
Well if you could see us at
work you would have no occation to
write sutch letters I think.

Su 5            Raind all knight last & all of to
day wa all went to McDonalds
cabin not at hom Mc.. I closd
reading to knight St Mark from
the 7th chapt ——– ——

Mo 6            Raind & snowd last knight
mixd & raind all day. We went
to washing out gold $11.25. This is
the first since middle Dec. last
and not bad for a start. I made
a cape out of the legs of gum boots that
kept my shoulders dry all day.

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  1. Not included in this collection.
  2. Martha Haun’s letter of November 29 1853 has been preserved and is available here.