February 22 – February 26 1859

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Feb 59

Tu 22           snowd 2 inches deep last kt, cleard
up to day. I fixd up the tables
in the Kitchen & was all day churn
ing did nottake the butter out of the
churn at kt., I assorted some
potatoes. the Plums rangers
was out to day fired several
platoons in honour of the birth
day of the Father of this country1
the E clmpsus2 was in full blast to Kt.

We 23         cold last kt froze ice in the kitch
in but was snowing this mo
rning & continued all day & a late
hour to kt, I dressd my third chu
rning of butter Bates has the
team a short time, A.m. I cleand
out the calf pen & got my reg
ular three meals.

Th 24          snowing still but the sun
shone out at intervals, cleard
off near Kt. the Preacher came
down I gave him some sweat

Feb 59

& butter milk he allso got
2 bales hay is to pay 3$ the
speckld cow turnd over Jones
Buckett of milk. Dick the French
man gave me 1$ for the use of
team to hail load wood. I halld
2 cords to Mrs. Inman for John
Bass at 3$ per cord, I lost my poc
ket knife last Kt or this morning
a whole in my pocket i tore the re
mainder out of my Pantaloons

Fr 25            the white facd cow head & heel the
right foot is fastend in the flor wh
en we milk. I baked another loaf
bread & Churnd the fourth time
It was hard to churn, I put a
new pocket in pants to Kt & wa
shd off all over, Ipd 3/4$ for beef
& sold to Kirlin 1/4$ work of butter milk

Sat 26         snowd last kt but not in the
vally Peal & Jones hat the team

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  1. President’s Day.
  2. E Clampus Vitus, a fraternal organization founded in 1849.