February 26 – March 11 1858

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Feb 58

Fr 26            morning. Norton came
down this morning & pd
me 14$ for wheat

Sat 27         nothing of notice

Su 28          don’t feel well


Mo 1            I am not able to work

Tu 2             I helpd John hall out
manure on garden but
was sick all day

We 3            I took a dose calomel
last kt. was down all day

Th 4             I am still out of sorts
the weather a little stormy

Fr 5              I am improving John
halld load wheat to
mill for Burkholder

Sat 6           I help John to start
to ploughing in garden
the first he has done that
way, I recvd a letter on
Friday kt last A. Mengers

March 58

informing me that he
must have 389$ that I
owes him &c ——-

Su 7             I wrote a letter to H.
P. this moring in an
swer to A Mengers req
uest & hope it will be at
tented to took a
cold bath early this morning

Mo 8            I sent H.P.s letter by express
cost 1/4$ John was plowing

Tu 9             John plowing & nothing
else doing i am with out help

We 10         John plowing this fore
noon & after two I can get
to doing anything yet. I d
1$ for green tea

Th 11          John ploughing this fore
noon & after, him & Truit
went to Bates Mill & halld
down a load lumber each
for miner on Bagger Hill

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