February 26 – March 3 1859

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Feb 59

to hall wood a load for each
& one for me & they cut it I as
sorted some potatoes cowdy
all day cleard off at Kt. John
Bass found my knife & gave it to me

Su 27          rain & snow falling verry fast
this morning & then to snowing
all day the sun shone out a
little before setting after a little
was snowing up late bedtime
I fixd a knob on the cuppord door
I sewd up a rip in my boot. blackd
& greasd 2 pair, puton a clean shirt
after sewing up the rips —

Mo 28          snowd last Kt & some this
morning but the sun came out
warm I pd 3/4$ for beef, let
Bates have the team & got Tayton
right fore foot snagd, Jones & I
sawd off 5 blocks for wood off
the down tree in garden I fixed
the saw & made a bench to file on

March 59

Tu 1             snowd some last kt but cleard
off soon this morning, we sawd
off 3 blocks & split 5 $ corded up
3 cords.. Bates pd me 5$ for the use
of team & 2$ for use of saw
I took 4 shirts to Mrs. Inman to
wash 2 calico & 2 white

We 2            cold & frosty last kt it was
warm & pleasant to day, we sp
lit & corded up some & sawd off
4 blocks p.m. I let Bates have
the team p.m. has not Brought
the whip home, Kitty is Boaring
staid out last Kt. —-

Th 3             some cold & Frosty last Kt but
clowded up all day. we did
no work till noon. p.m. we
split 4 blocks & corded up
the Preacher Groves pd me 3$
for 2 Bales hay he said one was
mouldy & got 2 moore I as
sorted 2 last sacks potatoes

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