February 28 – March 5 1854

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Feb 1854

Tu 28          Cold this morning. We waded
through the snow & carried our new
patent riffle box to where we inte
nd to work, as it was a fine sun shine
warm morning. We fixed the boxes
till noon & then went up the ditch in
several places. We cleard off the snow
& mended the broken places & got the
water to running in the ditch.

We 1           Real March weather. Snowd a little
last kt. But fine morning. We went
over to out work but no water. We
we went up the ditch & found the
water stopd with snow & ice. We sho
veld it a way & got the water to run
ning down by noon. I dreamd
on Monday kt last of etting a quantity
of large gold also on Tuesday kt of
my wife getting Baptized again
& of seeing her shed tears. I don’t recco
llect the cause. We went to washing
for gold & got $69.00 this afternoon
& piece weighing 4$ a little upwards.
A good half days work.

March 1854

Th 2            Snowed a little last kt but a fine warm
day. The top dirt slid doen. We was
all fore noon getting it out of the
way. We got gold 21$ this after noon.

Fr 3             Clowdy & commends snowing early
& continued all day pretty hard. We
washd dirt most of the day & only got
gold 6$. At noon we packd a lot of wood
as we did not want it coverd up under
the snow. I got up before day & coverd
the bottom & sides of my old white top
grey fooed socks with some of my
old red shirt & that too after I had
darnd them well. I want to keep them
as long as I can.

Sat 4           Up before day commencd snowing be
fore light & snowd a very little in the
fore part of the day but the sun shon
at intervals in the after part. We got
gold 73$ one piece weighing 14$ I now
think there is a pile about here but getting
it out is the question. I will be found
trying at these for some time to come.

Sun 5          Cold this morning but warm & plea
sant all day. We turnd out & got

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