February 29 – March 4 1856

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Feb 56

Fr 29           Cold as usual wind from
north. We stopd & breckfasted
with Fox. I paid 1 1/2$ for a pair
of shoes for wife. I came home
about noon. Soon after John
& Carroll came over from Massac
& left Bray there. Wife came ho
me on a mule. John fixed up &
went to the dance to come off at
Independence Bar to kt. Liz
Rains & Shults–all gone—-
I gave John 5$ & Dave 10$.

—-March 1856—-

Sat 1           Cold as usual nothing do
ing. After dinner I went out
to mend the hose put a patch
but moore sewing to be done.

Su 2            Cold kts. I finishd a hose
rack this morning last kt, one eye bad
ly gougd. Miss Cleaveland
& Miss Russle McNabb & Ster
ling came to see us this P.M.

March 56

I wrote a letter to H.P. & maild
it. Dave, John & I was mending
the hose this P.M. My lesson 1rst Mathew.

Mo 3            Cold last kt & this morning.
We are setting a round the
fire consulting. I Dave & Shul
ts went out to mine. I & Dave
sewd on the hose till noon. Shults
sloosing down. P.M. we let the
water on pipe but the hose soon
tore. I put on a patch and at it
again. We did not clean up.
I pd Duesler 39$ on yesterday
35$ for a hog the rest on Jacks
pants whole amt 12$.

Tu 4             Cold last kt. Icy about the
diggins. We were at work soon
Isaac Jenning came to the dig
gins & took dinner with us. He
wants to sell me the Am Ran
ch. We cleand up & got gold
32$. Jennings went down to the

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