February 3 – February 6 1855

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Feb 1855

Sat 3           we was piping off tailing
and pickd up 6 1/2$. I John
& shaw Lawrence is strippi
ng by him self Lloyd had
not got back from below

Su 4             afer Breckfast as I had pulld
of my hickry shirt & put on an
other, of Johns washing, ide
only wore it two weeks, as i
was dressd up & clean i went
down to the point, I still to
ught to hear from wife acco
rdingly I got a letter from
wife of Date Dec 22ond 18541
giving an account of some what
her trip to Iowa & the big din
ners &c &c and one to John fro
m his Ma written from Iowa
of date 24th Dec 542 cost 2$ the
two, giving an account of the
Iowa folks

two letters from wife

Feb 55

I was expecting to hear that
she was fixing to travel to
cala, but O the disappoint
ment, blackness, darkness, all
most ready to give up in dispare
this was one of those still delig
ghtfull sunny days, warm &
pleasant, as is so common
my lesson 1rst chapt Ephisians
I wrote 17th letter to my wife


Mo 5            we was piping off tailings
after mending our hose as
they were slipd off the pipe
& needed patching. p.m. a pi
ne burr run in the pipe it
some time & hard punching
to get it out pickd up gold 7$

Tu 6             we was as usual at ork by
times we had just fairly
got under way our hose bursted

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  1. This letter has been preserved and is available here.
  2. Not included in this collection.