February 6 – February 11 1856

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Feb 56

John to dig a ditch as Bray &
John Shults are digging out
troughfs to floom 160 ft across
a creek & Sockun is gone to get
a bill of sale to the disputed part
of the ditch. Did not get home.

Th 7             Cold last kt. John, Bray & Sh
ults started to their work & I
& Rains started for Quincy.
I there met with Sockuns. I
did some business & started for
home, arrivd about sun set.

Fr 8              Not so cold last kt & to day.
I was mending up some old
shovels. We had just set down
to dinner & Sockum came in &
eat with us. That over we went
down to the point. I receivd a
remitater from the supreme court
against John Lloyd, & a letter from
H.P. relative to the suit. I gave
Dave 1 1/2$ & 1/2 dollar on Tuesday

Letter from H.P.

Feb 56

Sat 9            Clowded up Last kt & snowd
a little this morning. Cleard
up warm. I was mending 2
shovels P.M. we were mining
& got gold 5 1/2$. The hose ripd or
we should have done moore.
John cam home in time for
supper, Shults did not help us.

Su 10          Cold last kt, but warm & ple
asant to day. John & Rains stared
early for Rabbit Creek to get some
dressing for Wife & Lizzy. I & Lizzy
went down to the point took din
er with the Foxes. Wife & Dave
staid at home. I read the second
Epistle General of Peater for my lesson.
I gave John & Rains $ for expences.

Mo 11         Cold last kt & warm & pleasant today.
I & Dave went over to the Ameri
can Vally. I, Bray, Fox & Sockum
sewd old Terwillegar for a water
ditch & laid an injunction. Atty
Hogan & Hundley.1

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  1. “James Humphrey Haun and his associates sued Harvey Terwilliger & Company on February 11th 1856 to recover possession of the Old Harry Ditch, which Haun apparently had surveyed and constructed the year before.” Las Plumas, pg 1)