January 1 – January 5 1854

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Jan 1 1854

to housekeeping in Alvin Duvals
old house. So I concluded
not to Send it but, write some
thing more, as it did not make
any difference. The mail would
not go out for some days from
these mountains. I opened my letter
but I dare not read it until I went
home it being the first one since
August last 27th1. On arriving
my partner Dobson was drinking. He
was for having a fuss with the men
in other cabins so I did not
have the pleasure in reading my
wides letter that I anticipated.
After dinner & supper it was
all one we all went to bed. So I

Mo 2            gets up before day & reads the
letters over again. O, what a treat.

Jan 1854

Mo 2            We three are prospecting because
we have no water to wash dirt.

Tu 3             Still aprospectin on the creek.
John & I went up the ditch
to see if could get the water do
wn. We came across quite a nu
mber of Lyons tracks in the snow
all going the same way &
crossing the ditch. Got the
water down as the days are wa
rm & pleasant & the snow is me
lted of in places. I closd the

P. S. to my wifes letter this evening
it being 7th.

We 4           After dinner I went down to
the point & maild the letter to my
wife. 25 cts for letters to Marysville.

Th 5            The collest day we had. Last
night the water froze in the cabin.

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  1. Not included in this collection.