January 1 – January 7 1858

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Jan 1858

Fr 1              new year has commensd with us
again. we are quite discontented
owing to out unsettld condition&
of our affairs being in a very bad fix

Sat 2           I had another dun from Haydin
for Burkholder allso one from A.
Mengers from M ville in recei
ving a letter from him of date 18”
Dec. last, arly carter & I started over to
Mill creek prospecting but returnd
with out making the desird
discovery, though we found some
fresh deer sign, that we expect
to look after some other time —-

Su 3             cold last kt. yet a beautiful sun
ny morning calm & sarine a
day of rest, a day that should be
devoted to the prais of God & yet there
is none that will set the example

Mo 4            I wrote a letter to John
at Mville but faild to get it
off. I was lying around as
usual not doing any thing. I
let Maston have the oxen & wa
ggon to hall wood.

Jan 58

Dick to work for the akansas
company on yesterday eve.

Th 5            commensd snowing this mor
ning at day light continued all
day. some 6 or 8 inches deep in
vally. the slays are running

We 6            clear & cold nothing to note
but evry where about
this place seems verry dull.
om sunday last I pt from
J.C. Lewis 74 3/4$ for Lovejoys note
of same amt. due 3 moths with
interest at 3 per cet pr month
I pd same day, overton 100$
interest money & gave my note
for 125$ moore. for the same
& gave Harper 20$ & my note
for 120$ on an old beef act to
date Dec 9th 57 on monday last

Th 7            let Maston have the ox team
to hall wood & hay the kts are
cold but days are sunny
and dome warm &c.

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