January 1 – January 8 1857

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Jan 1857

Th 1             not so cold but snow
ing. Day & Kt Rains start
ed for M. ville & John
went with him over to
Nelson Creek. nothing doing

Fr 2              still snowing & the wind
Blowing heavy from the
roaring up in the mountains
Rains left for onion vally
he was till kt getting there

Sat 3            snowing all the time
John came over today &
brought his fiddle & a bun
dle of cloths heavy wading

Su 4             snowing as usual, about
3 ft deep in the vally &
quite solid. get wood & feed

Mo 5            snowing as usual all
hands are preparing to go to
a dance at the Spanish ranch
Liz went with J. Bass. John
& Firman went on a jump
er with the Black horse

Jan 1857

I gave John 10$ Mr. & Mrs.
Edwards is with us to kt
Tro. Ward went to the dance
I & Edwards went to the dance
to prevent Ward from having
anything to say to Lizzy

Tu 6             we staid al kt at he
Spanish Ranch cost me
3$ after Breckfast I had
Liz to go home Bass took her
I & Edwards allso went along
John & Firman came allso
clowdy at intercals —

We 7           Rains has been snow bou
nd at onion vally, it snowd
verry hard last kt for a while
I sent a load of hay to Dr. Ka
te at Betsy town on a sledge
sun shone out at intervals

Th 8             verry cold last kt we have
quite a time to get wood to
mak fired do nothing but
feed our stock —

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