January 12 – January 16 1855

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Jan 55

and made a finish. the sun
shines pleasant. we set the trap
last evening. to day we took out
another kangaroo or somethi
ng else of his kind I now not
but we have him chaind to a
block between or cabins

Sat 13        cool kts & pleasant days
we all was getting wood
till noon. after we were id
ling our time away the ani
mal slipd the hatter last kt

Su 14          fine pleasant weather kts
cool, the snow melts but
little. I went down to the
point but no letters my
lesson 10th chapt John

Mo 15         we had a gennal set
tlement. I then went down

Jan 1855

to the point & Loand two
of the shults 175$ for five
months to have 10$ per mon
th for the use of the money
with good security. Lloyd
paid me 155$ for the use of
one of my interests from 21
June last to 1rst Jan 1855
the kts are cool & days pleasant
I paid 11$ for the compy & 1 3/4$
for our selves for small items

Tu 16          we all, 5 of us concluded to
get out some lumber for sloos
boxes. John went & got a whip
saw, by that time the rest of
us had a log cut hewn lind
upon the pit ready for saw
ing but it was work none of
us had done, so we all tride
but I & Lawrance could saw
the best. PM I sent John down
to the point after a file to whet
the saw cost 1$ per comp

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