January 13 – January 17 1856

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January 56

Su 13           the sun shone out warm
& pleasant nearly all day, some
clowdy late this evening. The boys
halld one load of wood on sledges
down hill to burn. I & Rains took
a dull root axe, went down to the
point & ground it Dave & John went
up the pike ditch & stopd a leak
then came down to the point to as
sist in getting home a cook stove
if we were suited but went home
with out any, Rains staid on a spree
I read the Books of Phillipians & Collos

Mo 14         Warm & sunny most of the
day. I mended up my Gum boots.
John & Dave went out to the diggins
Shults was rocking today. p.m.
we went up the pike ditch & stopd
some holes & continued down to the
diggins, a sloos head is running
through the boxes. I shoveld the
snow out of them they have ice
in them, the hose is still got ice
froze in them

Jan 56

Tu 15          Clowdy & raind verry lightly last
fore noon. P.M. clowded up, some
cooler. I John & Dave workd on
the lower end of the ditch & let
the water on the hose & thawd
out the ice, after noon we did
some mining. Cleand up got
about one dollar. Rains is out.

We 16         The sun shone to day but not
as warm as I could wish. I
& Dave went up the pike Ditch
stops some holes & cleand it out
down to the diggins. John was
cleaning up some bed rock A.
M. After noon we was piping
until the hose bursted. We cle
and up git gold 6 1/2$.

Th 17          Clear & cold last kt after breckfast
I & Dave started for bestey town.
We took dinner at Quincy with
Duesler then went on, met Rains
at O Neals Ranch. He turnd & went
with us. I engaged a cook stove

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