January 15 – January 19 1854

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Jan 1854

But is still small voices is sp
eaking in tones that may be heard
in time to come1. I shall read
for my confort & edification
Pauls letter to the romans VI chapt
chapt. Of newnefs of life before I sleep.

Mo 16         It continues to snow but light
with intervals of sunshine. We
waded over to the gulch where our
tools were, to see if there was water
running but found so little we gea
therd up our tools & waded back
to the cabin the snow is 22 inched
deep & enough on the trees to make it 1 ft
deeper if it had fallen regular.

Th 17          It is still snowing & continued
all last. We are compelld
to stay in doors we can do nothing
out but sit by the fire & mend our

Jan 1854

It continued all day & night snowing.

We 18         Snowd all day & knight. It abo
ut 3 ft deep & quanity on the trees.
We staid in doors all day. I wro
te a letter to W. G. on yesterday but
but cannot mail it. The snow
is too deep to go to the point.

Th 19          The sun rose bright & clear &
not a breath of air stiring we
turned out & made two roads to
the trees we had cut down through
the snow & cut wood to make fires
John made one to the spring yesterday.
Dobson is cooking peached to make pies.
I warmed some water last knight & put
my box near the fire & stripd off & got in
washd all over & wipd put on a clean
shirt on the only pair of drawers I have
with me, an old pair wife made me
maybe you don’t think I feel clean.

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  1. Kings 19:12