January 16 – January 22 1858

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Jan 1858

Sat 16         the snow is 6 inches deep
here with crust on it, with
a damp atmosphere, the sun
shines out at intervals
maston got 73 tts wheat, a
dance at meadow Vally to kt.

Su 17          to day passd of as usual
Drinking bad whiskey & play
ing Billiards with most idles
I too was playing chess with
Norton & won the odd game

Mo 18         up at day light while
the rest in the house is quiet
the fog is quite dense, but
few houses with the smoke
ascending the chimney pipes
as yet in the town. I cleand
of the hay ladders so the
sun could melt away the snow

Tu 19           quite frosty last kt we
are still doing out regular
do nothing ways, p.m. I

Jan 58

we loaded on some hay &
carter & jack went to Betsy
town with the hay to Brurk
I let Hogan have the horse
to go over to Indian Vally

We 20         clowdy & rainy all day
about dark commensd to
snow & continued all kt

Th 21          still snowing & raining
all day with out increase
in its depth at all in the
vally. verry dull in deed.

Fr 22            the snow fell near 1 foot
deep last kt & has been at
it all day. but rather warm
to increase its depth Sock
um came to town to settle
out law suit. by giving his
note with G. Martin as sec
rity for 162$ 85 cts payable
first June next & paying

37$15cts cost I gave
him a receipt

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