January 18 – January 23 1857

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Jan 57

Su 18          rains last kt & today
but the sun shone out at
intervals out town ins quite
dull, as the Am Ranch ho
tell has been closd a full
week. allso the Bass saloon
since Monday last. most
all the lofers has left Quincy

Mo 19         clear & warm to day. I
John & Moore cleard off the
snow near the barn & nuilt
a co rack. John & Moore
went out & got a stick to
make a pair of sledge run
ners & halld it in —

Tu 20           frosty & clear last kt
but figgy this morning &
warm & pleasant to day
John & Moore took a yoke
of cattle & hald the stick
of timber down to Boying
tons mill & had it sawd in
to runners & halld home

Jan 57

We 21         clear & frosty last kt
but warm & pleasant of days
the scow is melted off the low
hills on the north side of the vally
we all three went to
work, to make an ox sledge
after the sun got up to melt
away the frost &c —

Th 22          still frosty of kts. we were
again at work at our sledge
& finishd it long before kt
the snow is sinking down verry fast
& freeses verry hard so
that on can walk on the
top of it & not brak through

Fr 23           still clear & cool of kts &
warm of days. John & Moore
went out the woods & cut some
Dry spruce for wood. I sold
some potatoes 3 1/2$ & collectd
10$ of potts n last monday &
I pd 1/4$ for aletter to Lizzy
& 1?4$ for a letter to wife from
Geo town Ky. written by au
E West1 & alls well

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  1. Not included in this collection.