January 2 – January 7 1855

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Jan 1855

Tu 2             the snow 1ft deep four of us
cut down a large pitch pine on
the sheas by noon we had the li
mbs about our cabins, after noon
I John & charles cleand up our bxes
& got gold 28$ & set them over again
Lawrence Lloyd cleand up theris
clowdy some what & in clind to
storm. our neighbors have been
compelld to stop mining. Hardin
& comp the water is needed on the
other side of creek says clark –

We 3            snowd Last kt & all day it is between
1 1/2 & 2 ft deep at our cabins we did
not attempt to work, four of us went
down to the point, all the ditches & fl
ooms is snowd out as well as us Lloyd
staid at home John got a new hat 4$
still snowing at late bed time, moderate

Th 4            still snowing & was at it all kt
& all of to day quite late bed time
the moon is shining out bright
all 5 went up the ditch ot see after
the water but it was nearly all

Jan 55

taken up in the snow so mutch
so that it did not show its self
50 tds from the head of the ditch, we
could do nothing with it we turnd
about & came home the snow is
between 2 & 3 ft deep & hard to get threw

Fr 5              some clowdy & snowing at inter
vals to day all went down to the point
except John. I & John fixed a tung
in our slyde, ready for carting –

Sat 6           clear & cold this morning the sun
shone bright all day & the sky never
seemd to be bluer I & John was
shoveling the snow away from the
door & cutting some wood that
had been coverd up. Lloyd went
down to the point came home after dinner

Sun 7          cold this morning, but clow
ded up & continued moore or less
so all day it got warm enoughf
to soften the snow a little. I
wrote a letter H.P. & one to Dave

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