January 20 – January 25 1854

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Fr. 20          Clear & cold A. D. McDonald & Ed
sterling came to see us. They wa
nted sack flour. We loand them
one. It was so cold that we all had
to get up last knigh & build a fire
to get warm. McDonald staid all night.

Sat 21        Clear & cold. We all four went to
the point. I got ink letter paper & 50 cts
pair boots $6.00 and skein black thread 25 cts.
& John got grey flannel shirt $3.00
Quanity of ice running in feather river.

Su 22          Clowdy all day. Wether moderated
some. We found that our potatoes were
froze considerable. We sorted them out
one sack out of three were hard froze.
We had wood to get & I washd shirt
pair socks & towel before I went to bed.
Commensd snowing after dark.

Mo. 23        Snowing some this morning but
not so cold we are setting round
the fire. You ought to have seen the
pair of socks that we mended. They
are the kind that is mostly usd in this

Jan 1854

country eastern wove & the foot
twist as long as the leg & all ragedy.
When knew, they cost one dollar.
My place of reading was this mor
ning 3 chap first E gent of Peter Duty of
wives & Husbands. Dobson
let his leven get froze. The dough
that he bakd to knight is not rose
mutch. I am up before day I don’t know

Tu 24          the what time it is. This I know
I am not sleepy. For the snow falls
in sutch quantitys off the trees on
the cabin roof that makes me fair
ly jump. It seems to be raining some
at least it is thawing, & the trees a crack
ing on account of the wet snow on them.
Raind all day & night. I was all
day putting cotton lining in my
janes shirt. I use it as a kind of coat
by cutting it open in frount, early

We 25         before day it was snowing & con
tiued until about 10am & then
cleard off warm & pleasant/ We went
over to see if there was water to work, but
there was not enough. We waded back to

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