January 22 – January 25 1855

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Jan 22

Mon 22       cold kts, up before day it was
some clowdy yesterday. I Drea
md my wife & I was coming
to cala. I thought we were on
a steamer not fair from the
isthmus. several times I thoug
ht I was travling in that way
& appeard I was in great dan
ger of being drownd, shaw &
Lawrance went out to hew a
log to saw in plank, John
& Allen to sawing, I went do
wn to the point staid all
day & got another whip saw
Everett came in but no letters

Tu 23           I Dreamd last kt that I was
at the old mill & my mother
was living I thought she said
that my wife was over baring
& told how I thought I told her

Jan 55

that we would not be long
with her. that we were going
to cala, soon. I thought my
wife came in just then &c
it was warm & pleasant to day
the boys went 1/2 mile put a
log on the slyd hauld it down
to our cabins to saw in planks
it is 14 ft long 16 by 12 inches, we
lack 4 pieces of lines of having it

We 24         it is warm & some clowdy
all day, we finishd the 3rd & got
the 4th nearly done p.m. John
Shaw & charles was setting the
pen stock a new ut, we have
sawd 834 ft plank in all when
we finish 4 peices of lines —

Th 25          last kt all a sleep but me
there appeard like distant thunder
soon the cabin shook the boards
crackd an earth quake, its over
we hewd out 2 small sticks

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