January 22 – January 31 1858

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Jan 58

in full for the company &
I solde Maston 75 tts cabb
ge at 5 cts & got the cash 3 3/4$
I halld on the coarset pa
ir of boots on Wens-last th
at Ive worn is calafornis
for whitch I am to pay 7$
they being the sixth pair
got for my use since in cala.

Sat 23         it is snowing this mo
rning at day light verry
moderate there was sever
al old woman took tea
with us & some Men.

Su 24          it was quite cold last
kt sundays is considered
no better day than the rest

Mo 25          the weather is mod
erated some clowdy & foggy

Tu 26           the same rotine of
business lounging all day

Jan 58

We 27         there is no alteration
in the weather it being
Clowdy & foggy & in the
regular employment in
town with the citizens

Th 28          it is the same thing over
again day & kt playing
cards for whiskey & billi
rds to see whoo shall keep
his money or pay to the table

Fr 29           cold & cleat last kt. I
let Maston have 53 lb wheat
the sun shone out warm
& pleasant nothing doing

Sat 30         cold & freezing last kt
but the day was warm

Su 31          still cold last kt & war
m to day. i plaid some
chess with Norton. I provd
rather the best to day –
i let Duesler have the oxen
& waggon to hall load hay

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