January 25 – February 1 1854

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Jan 1854

the cabin through the snow. It is moore
than knee deep & occationally it holds
us up. We cut & split wood & pild up un
der the shed along sid of the house the
rest of the day. We are sitting around
the fire. Dobson & John Reading novels
& I making this entry. All is still & quiet
except small bits of frozen snow
that falls from the trees on the cabins roof.
I think of you wife allways when I
write in this book It seems to me that
I can see you reading it & asking questions
& saying I would have done this & so.

Th 26          Cold last knight but warm & pleasant
today. I closd st. John the Divine

Fr 27           Cool this morning, but some hazy
in the evening. I made some board’s
with an ax to stop the few leaks.
I read 5 chaps the first of Mathew be
fre I went to be & 5 moore before day light

Sat 28        Clowdy last night & this morning
it was warm & pleasant
all day. I put some boards on
my cabin & split some wood
and commends a letter to . D
.H Smith.

Jan 54

Sun 29        Finished my Letter to D. H.
Smith & went down to the poi
nt & maild it & one to W. G. Haun.
This was a warm & sun shiney
day I was in my shirt sleeves
all day & the snow is knee deep.

Mo 30         Warm & pleasant all day. We
went up the ditch to see if w could
get the water down. The ditch was
broke in several places & water run
ning out & the long floom was
leaking bad from the quanity of
ie hanging to it. We called all &
raisd souce of the boxes & got the
water through before knight.

Tu 31          Warm & pleasant we shoveld
out the snow for nearly one mile
& got the ater down to our work.
I dreamd Gen Pratt had sold the tav
ern out last knight…. Feb

Feb We 1   Still pleasant we went to ground
sloosing. Halld on out leaky gum
boots rolld up our sleeves & in the water.

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