January 25 – January 30 1855

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Jan 55

to make fals bottoms sawd one
in to slats 2 by 2 1/2 inches broad & 7/8
in thickness the other to be same
it is warm & pleasant, the gro
und begins to show itself in places

Fr 26           we finishd sawing the slate
for fals bottoms & nothing to do
the weather is pleaant enou
ghf but we cant mind for
the want of water &c —

Sat 27         the weather is so pleasant
the sun shind ou warm
so mutch so that the gren
flies were flying about
we did no work. I pack
up some wood A.M. P.M.
I went down to the point
& took sterlings saw home
& got 23lb beef cost 4 1/2$

Su 28          up before day & red the first
chapt of 1rst corinthians to 10th

January 1855

after Breckfast i went down to the
point, the rest of the boys came
down but I did not see them
pm. I went down on colum
bia flat & stopd at Dovers a
while & then to basses till sun
set, got acquainted with Mrs &
Miss Bass, stephen. B. wants
to sell out his diggins

Mo 29         I & John concluded to hew
a log, it was after noon before
we got it ready to hall down
to the pitt near the cabin, it was
quite as mutch as we could do
we lind & head then in allready
for sawing to morrow

Tu 30           I dreamd last kt that some
man, hearing my name, me
ntioned, said that he would
make me a present of the finest
coat that could e had in Georgetown
I thought that Tyson Bell made it
& old Rankin sold the goods cost

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