January 29 – February 5 1857

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Jan 57

Th 29          warm & pleasant Moore
is cutting rail timber I
bought county scrip1 of Hall
to pay taxed 6 1/2$ with 5 1/2$

Fr 30           Moore broke his axe had it
up set again. I helpd him
grind it. he went out to cut
rail timber. I am not at
work I’ve plenty to do but
don’t know where to begin.

Sat 31         The Kts are frosty & days
verry plasant. my time
was spent in idleness, Mr
& Mrs presby & Mrs Stinson
took dinner with us, Moore
cutting rail timber Cookes
got 100lbs potatoes last kt

Su 1             some clowdy & warm
time is dragging heavily
on nothing doing of couse

Feb 57

Mo 2            I rode up to Betsy town
while there I colleted of
Dave Potts 15$ for hay all
he owd me.. came by O
neals & Bought 7$ worth
in groceries. looks very
mutch like storming —

Tu 3             snowing some this
morning. I pd sherriff
Byers 31 1/4$ as taces &c

We 4            snowd some last kt & this
morning, but cleard
off warm & pleasant, a.m.
I got 4$ for potatoes —

Th 5            cold last kt & warm to
day, moore went ot Alfords
& got 60ft of timber & the
rest of a load in slabs &
then halld 2 loads of wood
for the old Darkey & —
I gave Liz 1/2$ to Pay for

mending jewely

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  1. A substitute for money, for example a token, voucher, or chit.