January 30 – February 2 1855

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Jan 55

I & John was at work soon ship

Tu 30           sawing by 1/2 past 10 a.m. we
had finishd the log of 120 ft in
ch plank, I cut some dry wood
before dinner, & then went down
to the point after dinner. no ea
stern mail in. I could but sta
nd & gaze at two men, sleding
down the hill on a door to the
foot of bridge, one of them a ma
n of 40 years old & a wife at san fra
ncisco & is a good friend to me –
but whiskey dose its work for many

We 31         quite warm & clowdy, it sprinkled
a few drops this morning, but cleard
off John bought an ax of shaw
1 3/4$ a piece broke out of the edge
we took it & mind down to the
point ground them sharp. I
got a hand saw file 1/2$ & John
a pair of pantaloons cost 5$, no
letters for me something wrong —

Feb 1855

Th 1rst       clear & pleasant this mor
ning I made two pick han
dles. I then cut & split some
dry wood after dinner I
and John split some logs
for back sticks, we went up
to the reservoy & shut the gate &
then down to the diggins & home
after cutting an oak stick for
pict handles, clowdy this p.m.
and commensd raining at dark

Fr 2              we fully expected a good rain
and snow. Last kt & to day, it
cleard off at noon with out
rain to do any good & no snow
we went out to fix for mining
as there is water to answer if it
will only keep from freezing of
kts so hard, we commnsd piping
P.M. but our hose bursted we me
nded up & done considerable
work after all the trouble

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