January 30 – February 3 1856

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Jan 56

We 30          ing after dinner except
John. Shults was helping
us. Cooper came over I pd
him off for his Sockuns ditch
& diggins a balance of 153$. Bray
came over & staid all kt with
us, we got gold 13 1/2$. Still thawing.

Th 31          Clowdy this morning. We were
mining early. John & Bray
shoulderd their blankets & put
for the Sockum Diggins. Our hose
tore A.M. I mended up, eat din
ner and at it again. Lat p.m.
the hose ripd I set to work &
sewd them up again did not
clean up the boxes ——

February 1856 —

Fr 1              Clear & frosty the snow was
froze to bear last kt, we were
at our posts in time & was most
of the fore noon getting out frozen

February 56

Fr 1             dirt. P.M. we took out a stumo
& put through a quantity of dirt
& rocks & cleand up gor gold 12$.

Sat 2           Cold & frosty last kt & this fore
noon.so mutch that we
could not work, the water
would freeze on out hats & on
the handles of the tools when
not usd constant, we all quit
before noon. Fox came over
to buy a fourth in our ditch
es & diggins John came home
just at dark & says the miners
over at Massack diggins has been
using our water again, but
were stopd by Sockum & cook.

Su 3             Snowing a verry little this mor
ning, but the sun shone out
warm most of the day, Bray
came by took dinner. Soon
after John & him started over
to Massack diggins with their packs.

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