January 31 – February 10 1858

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I let Brewer have 348
tts wheat at 6 cts # & got in
return 10 Gls lager beer & had
the same amt previous. Hog
an came back on monday
last after being gone with
horse one week —

Feb 1858

Mo 1            carter started for Bid
wells Bar to Bring in the ma
il. I bought 6 Gls whiskey
pd 13 1/2$ & a bottle besides cost 1$
all to be used by our cook. —
Tu 2 down to sat 6 is one rou
nd of fine days sun warm

We 3            & pleasant but cold kts. John

Th 4             got back of Fr 5 & so did car
ter with the mall. I got a let

Fr 5              ter from L.M. Thurman of
date Dec 23rd 57 from Knox cty
Ill, says he wants to come back

Sat 6           John Bass maede me a present
of pair of pants on Fr last —

Feb 58

Su 7             beautifull morning after
a cold frosty kt. the Black smi
th is at work sharpning some
poore miners pick I suppose

Mo 8            snowd some last kt
& a little today, cleard off
again nothing doing

Tu 9             verry cold last kt. I pd
1/2$ for candles last kt at noon
there was a fight between one
Thos Hogan & George Miller in
whitch got cut about
the head with a knofe then
Miller got his knife out &
made Hogan run as his
knife was not fit for use
being bent double Hogan
was arrested I & Maston went his

We 10         Last kt cold & warm to day
I wrote a letter to LM Thursday
man, Miller is a bout with
his head tide up

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