January 31 – February 5 1859

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I with 5 other Jury men
decided the right of property
fee 3$ each

Feb —

Tu 1st         verry windy yesterday mor
ning blew down 2 trees on dean
prmises 1/2 tree in the Am Hotell
Backyard & on the new fence
still stormy & verry wet un
der foot our potatoes are froze
Duesler & I assorted 3 sacks
he gets the frozen ones, late I ma
de & bakd a loaf bred the first
for me & good at that I was
up all kt playing cards
others Betting I don’t Bet, me
nded my pants & went to bed
at day light.

We 2           slepd till noon got up Cookd
my Breckfast or dinner as
you please, cut some wood &
packd it in for both stoves.
prepard for supper. I pd. for box
tea 1$ supd took a sasha round
town & back home. took a bath
& mended pair socks John, left

Feb 59

& washd the pair I wore from
Mville. The sun shone warm
this afternoon I now turn in.

Th 3            quite frosty this morning. I did
some cutting on top of tree that blew
over in the field out of the barn lot
then I & Truit cut down the boddy &
are sawing it for wood, I got 1 tt
butter of Mrs. Duesler at 3/4$ I &
Ho gan gave been playing cribbage
he made 10 & 18 games, warm sun.

Fr 4              clear & pleasant to day, we fin
ishd sawing up the tree & split
some I am still able to do what
Cooking I need but dont try
the milking, after quiting work
I went down to the store got a
letter from wife & John of
date Han 29th 59 they both are
of opinion they had better wait
a few months longer before
going to Ky it is all right—-

Sat 5           clowdy all day a little rain

letter from wife

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