January 8 – January 15 1858

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Jan 58

Fr 8              kts are cold & days some
warm & verry dull about these
diggins on yesterday I collected on sun
day last 10$ of streshly for hay

Sat 9           quite cold last kt. the water free
zes out of the branch evry kt
the past week, none comes down
till noon for the stock to drink
I gave Byers a letter to carry to Mville
for John to look at as B is going
down. I & wife took tea with Lewis
& family

Su 10          clowdy & snowing a little this
morning early as i can discover
while noting down the past week
occurances that interested me
the day has passd with out any
improvement in the morals
of the people of quincy —

Mo 11         it snowd all day mode
rate but melted quite as
fast as it fell. I pd 1/4$ for
tax put soles on my boots
playing Billiards & cards for
whiskey, is what most are at

Jan 1858

Tu 12          last evening Myres li
ttle daughter came to board
with us while going to school
it snowd last kt 8 in deep in
the vally but cleard up to day

We 13 the slays are in full blas
t, to day is some clowdy, not
thing to note all dull & disi
pation. weve red the presidents1

Th 14          verry clod Last Kt. in deed
but the day was warm & sunny
several citizens went up
to Spanish Ranch in slays
with a view to have a dance

Fr 15           early this morning it is sn
owing fast and appearance in
dicate a deep fall of snow. p.
m. it melts away as fast as it
falls. I brought suit against
old sockum to recover costs
in whitch he was interested. i
had a note garnished in the
hands of Jews, Asheim &c.

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  1. May refer to James Buchanan’s First State of the Union Address delivered December 8 1857.