January 9 – January 12 1856

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January 56

We 9           Raining & snowing last kt &
all of to day. Dave was at work
at his chair, shults & John was
helping wife & Lizzy to wash all
the dirty colths & socks that was
on hand I & Rains went down
to the point to get a cook stove
& found two one at 45$ on at 65$ one
too small the other too high pricd
I met Cooper & sockum, cooper
wanted to sell out his interest in
the sockum ditch, as he & others
had nothing to eat nor money
to buy with. H. bray went over
to Illinois Ranch with them.

Th 10          Snowing considerable this mo
rning after breckfast I & Dave
started for the sockum Diggins
caught up with bray & cooper at
martins ranch & then went on
to the diggins H bray bought one
of the company out at 333$ &
I baugh cooper out at the sa
me, there being 3 shears in the
ditch & one working interest ownd

Jan 56

by Gorge Taylor. All three of them
came over with us, cooper stays
with us to knight

Fr 11           Still snowing of kts & days
at intervals. the boys workd at
the pike Ditch to get the water
to rundown it. I & Cooper went
down to the point & closd the
trad by allowing I.W. Thompson
& Co to bye out Taylor & make 4
interests in the ditch & they pay
ing us @ 6$ each making my
interest 1/4 & costing 307$ instead
of 333$. Duesler & Brooks came
home with me & staid all kt.

Sat 12         Snowd severall inches last kt
& raining & snowing a little at in
tervals to day, after Duesler & Brooks
left we all went the pike Ditch & got
the water to run down, in the after
noon we shoveld out the snow
nearby to the diggins the water
still continued to run on, but
weak, rather to mutch snow &

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