January 9 – January 17 1857

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Jan 1857

Fr 9              we all out slay
riding with John Thomp
son down to Dan Kates on
Wednesday Kt came back
about mid Knight —
clear of kts & verry cold
the house was booming
this morning when I awoke
from cold. the sun shone
out but dimly. late wife
a slay riding with madden
Mrs. Edwrds & Liz with John
Thompson all to the Ill Ranch
& back home again to Kt

Sat 10         snowing the weather some
moderated. we do
not pretend to work any.

Su 11          commensd to rauin &
has been raining all day
we halld a load of hay
to Steve Bass say 1400

Jan 57

Mo 12         raining last kt & today
& bids fair to continue on

Tu 13           raind last kt & today I
sent a load of hay up to
betsy town to Howard on
yesterday at 40$ to be pd 1rst Aprl

We 14         raind last kt & to day
John & moore cur & halld
up some logs for wood

Th 15          still raining Kt & day
Mr. & Mrs. Edwards came
to stay with ys all kt —

Fr 16           snowd last kt several inches
& raining to
day. late tokt D. Cate took
Edwards & wife home with
him in a slay &c —

Sat 17         raining as usual las
kt & today we halld aloa
d of hay for Maston to D.J.

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